Thursday, March 10, 2011


fuuuuck, I've hit the heartburn stage of pregnancy hard. Make the burning stop little chalky tablets of pointlessness.
It should also be known that jparks hates how I eat Tums and likes to lecture me that they are medicine and not candy. Shut it jparks, I'll eat whatever kind of medicine I'm allowed to have right now like m&m's if I want. Now pass the Costco sized bottle of Tylenol PM, I need to bake some into cookies for my midnight snack.


  1. 'Cause he doesn't know about the pregnancy burn. I feel your pain. With this next one, as soon as I get the 2nd line on the pee stick I'm marching in to the OB's office and asking for a prescription to something more powerful, I've done 2 pregnancies being all natural and shit, and bearing the heartburn. Not again!

  2. Ugh. Heartburn is the worst! Can you take Pepcid or Rolaids? Because I have better luck with those over Tums.

  3. OK, for some reason your blog stopped showing up in my Feed, even though this URL is very much listed under my subscriptions. Weird. I was thinking, "hmm, Regan hasn't blogged in FO-EV-A" and then realized my Reader is stupid. Case in point: I didn't even know you were pregnant again! Congrats!

  4. I could pretty much relate to the pain you've encountered when I was pregnant too. I had a toothache and I can't drink tylenol too, even my Rockford dental care partners just told me to bear with the pain.