Thursday, March 10, 2011

fuuuuck, I've hit the heartburn stage of pregnancy hard. Make the burning stop little chalky tablets of pointlessness.
It should also be known that jparks hates how I eat Tums and likes to lecture me that they are medicine and not candy. Shut it jparks, I'll eat whatever kind of medicine I'm allowed to have right now like m&m's if I want. Now pass the Costco sized bottle of Tylenol PM, I need to bake some into cookies for my midnight snack.


TweedleDea said...

'Cause he doesn't know about the pregnancy burn. I feel your pain. With this next one, as soon as I get the 2nd line on the pee stick I'm marching in to the OB's office and asking for a prescription to something more powerful, I've done 2 pregnancies being all natural and shit, and bearing the heartburn. Not again!

Kristabella said...

Ugh. Heartburn is the worst! Can you take Pepcid or Rolaids? Because I have better luck with those over Tums.

Camels & Chocolate said...

OK, for some reason your blog stopped showing up in my Feed, even though this URL is very much listed under my subscriptions. Weird. I was thinking, "hmm, Regan hasn't blogged in FO-EV-A" and then realized my Reader is stupid. Case in point: I didn't even know you were pregnant again! Congrats!

andieclark said...

I could pretty much relate to the pain you've encountered when I was pregnant too. I had a toothache and I can't drink tylenol too, even my Rockford dental care partners just told me to bear with the pain.

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