Saturday, March 26, 2011

new! house!

Greetings from the new house! I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing me go on and on about it (at least the people that follow me on twitter are) but seriously, I love it. We have a yard! And it's so quiet at night! And there's so much room! Today I walked to the super cute drugstore around the corner and on the way home I saw this:

Guys, my new neighborhood is so badass.

Of course, moving while jparks is in Iceland hasn't left a lot of time for unpacking, even though my mom came in for a few days to help. She unpacked the kitchen for me and then we both collapsed onto the couch in exhaustion, leaving the rest of the house boxed up. This has led to some interesting improvisations on my part including but not limited to:

Giving the dog water out of the lid of a plastic shoe box. Looking back I'm not sure why I didn't use a cereal bowl since my mom unpacked the kitchen. I'm sure it was because the dog was upstairs and the bowls were all the way downstairs and I am excessively lazy.

Washing my face with melon scented baby wash because my face stuff was packed somewhere. My face smelled lovely though.

Using my reflection in the windows to brush my hair since we have zero mirrors in the house.

Hanging black garbage bags in Truman's windows since we also are lacking curtains or blinds.

Having to use one of those wisp brushes to brush my teeth one morning because I forgot my toothbrush at the apartment. Those things might be life savers if you're on a date and want to refresh before a kiss but it did nothing that morning to kill my garlic breathe. Although I guess it's better than the old toothpaste on your finger trick.

I would like to think that once jparks gets home all the boxes will magically unpack themselves and the house will fill up with perfect furniture, but I doubt that's the case. So please, feel free to come visit as we have a guest room but don't expect a real coffee table in our living room, these boxes are filling in for awhile.


  1. Moving sucks. But congrats on the house!

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  4. I'm quite envious because I, too, want to have a new house soon. Once I see a good mortgage rates in Long Island NY, I'll certainly buy a home as beautiful as yours too. Thanks for the inspiration!