Monday, May 16, 2011

hen pecked

On Friday I, like the rest of the world, had a bad day. I'm not sure if Friday the 13ths are actually automatically bad days or if we, as a species, all buy into the idea that Friday the 13ths are out to get us and we manifest bad days just to fulfill that. Anyway, I had a bad day on Friday which I'm certain originated from having to sleep on the couch on Thursday night. Here, I made you an illustration of that:

I slept on the couch because jparks has a whole new slew of allergies and decided to combat them by taking a couple of Bendadryl which besides knocking him out, makes him forget how to share a bed. Seriously, he was at a damn angle when I got in there and no matter how many times I tried to rotate him, he would not budge. This meant that I either had to sleep on the couch or endure a night of getting henpecked by his feet. I love my husband but his toenails are awful talons of skin shredding death. I have heard rave reviews of how comfortable the couch is so I decided to take my chances on it. Bad idea.

I spent all of Friday cranky and tired and just generally ready to kill anyone that so much as looked at me wrong. Saturday wasn't much of an improvement and by that point I figured I should just write off the whole weekend. I mean, how could Sunday possibly turn out to be good when the other two days had been crap? Especially since we had roller derby tickets but no baby sitter.

Well, it turns out that Sunday managed to save the whole weekend. We went for crepes in the afternoon and somehow I avoided eating myself sick on them. This is probably because I skipped the nutella crepe and opted for a lemon juice crepe which was ten times more amazing that I expected. After crepes we walked over to the Austin Convention Center because we figured since we had roller derby tickets we might as well try to go, no babysitter be damned. I mean, what's the worst that could happen? Truman wrestles his way out of our arms and ends up on the track causing a multi-girl pile up? Eh, he's done worse.

Turns out we were about an hour early for the roller derby but there just happened to be a car show going on at the Convention Center and double bonus, someone walking by us gave us two free tickets. So into the car show we went and holy hell, that was like the best thing ever in Truman's eyes. He was able to run the length of the convention center and climb through as many cars as he could reach and push all the buttons that his heart desired. Jparks enjoyed himself too and walked away from the show talking about the Porsche sedan he seems to think he's going to be purchasing at some point in time.

After the car show we walked over to the roller derby where we were permitted to enjoy about 30 minutes of derby bouts before Truman declared himself over it. But really that 30 minutes was 29 more than we were expecting to be permitted.

So crepes, cars, and roller derby saved the weekend that was doomed to suck thanks to Friday the 13th. Now if those three things could band together to do something about jparks chicken feet that would make all right in the world.


  1. I went to a wedding in Jamaica on Friday the 13th. But I was so hungover I thought I was going to vomit on the guy in front of me during the ceremony.

  2. Crepes, cars, and roller derby- great story. But,t he real story is your MAD drawing Skillz, yo! Awesome.

  3. Whenever I end up on couch (because O has come into our bed, and DH and her have pretty much pushed me and allowed me only the smallest slither of the bed, and O has decided to use my lower back as her kicking post), I never ever have a good night's sleep. Men are different. I feel like they can sleep on a bed of shredded glass and they will be fine. LOVE, I Mean LOVE crepes!!! Yummy! And less fuss the better with them.