Wednesday, May 4, 2011

a smattering of nothing

Today I told jparks "I'm getting sick and yes I want sympathy and no I don't care that I have no sympathy for you when you're sick." I'm a nice wife like that. Basically I'm just setting you up for what I'm calling a blog post but what's really a bunch of random crap spewed onto a computer screen. Enjoy!

I bought a Tassimo this week. I never thought I would be a single serve coffee machine person but after one use I'm in love. I'm fairly certain this little thing will save my ass once New Baby arrives.
Also, now that we have the Tassimo I think we have every way to make coffee ever invented. Regular brew coffeepot? Check. Toddy cold brew system? Check. French press? Check. The lesson in this? We are coffee sluts.

Yesterday I had a bad day that involved Truman screaming and kicking at me while I was unable to do anything to make the situation better because a huge pregnant stomach was getting in my way. It was honestly so bad that I had to call jparks and ask him to come home from work. Once here, he loaded us into the car and we headed to Sonic for treats. A lemon berry creamslush was exactly what I needed to not lose my mind and tater tots for Truman seemed to fix what was ailing him. What can I say, we are apparently a family of emotional eaters. If you make us upset please be prepared to hand over a bowl of ice cream.

Speaking of big pregnant stomachs, it's officially hard to get to my shoes. I don't remember this from last time which is leading me to believe that Truman was more of a small round ball of a stomach while New Baby is all stretched out causing me to expand more upwards as well as out. Listen up New Baby, rule #1 in the Parks family is that no one gets between me and my shoes. Learn it, live it.

By calling this child New Baby I am not trying to play coy and hide her name from you, we just really don't have any names that seem like the one yet. Our goal is to get to the hospital with at least one solid contentor, which will put us ahead of when I checked in to the hospital to deliver Truman. He was Baby Boy Parks for almost 2 days and this time I would like to not drive the birth certificate woman crazy by forcing her to visit my room twelve times. Right now that goal is not looking promising.

I've been trying to spend money since we moved into this house and yet it is proving impossible. The interior designer I hired still hasn't presented me any furniture options and the ergonomist seems to be trying to avoid coming out for a consult on jparks' desk. Someone please take my money and give me goods and services for it. All I want is a damn mirror in my bathroom and maybe a place to hang my towel after I shower. A coffetable would be nice too. Why is this taking so long?

And of course, my luck is that the interior designer will read my site the second after I hit publish and send me an email full of suggestions like this:
Screen shot 2011-05-04 at 10.10.48 PM
Screen shot 2011-05-04 at 10.10.12 PM
Wow, you really don't have to spend much time clicking around on Skymall's site before you find some really hideous things.

One last order of business. It has come to my attention that not everyone has a correct feed to my site. A few months back jparks took down my old site and created a new one without allowing me time to put up a redirect notice. Chances are you aren't reading this through Google Reader since the old feed no longer works. It'll take two seconds to update your feed and just think, some day I might finally get to stop cluttering up your Twitter stream with tweets that say "Hey look, a new post!" What a glorious day that'll be!


  1. You so have to get that King Tut coffee table!

    Also, I really want a Keurig or Tassimo, but I make coffee at home once a week, if that, so it seems to me I can't justify the cost.

  2. I really want to send you a Melitta now. Just in case all the other coffee methods fail. On the same day. (I'm knocking on wood right now.)

  3. Hey, wait. I have that eagle on my mantel! What are you saying?! ;)

    My husband is the only coffee drinker in the house and he may rival your coffee making appliance sickness. In fact, he now takes his Keurig with him when we travel...thats not at all weird.