Monday, August 15, 2011

alive and well

Crap, time really flies when you have a newborn and a toddler and family in town. But as of this morning, we have ditched the family (kidding Mom, we loved having you) and we're starting life as a family of four. So far it's going well, jparks came home from work early to take a nap and after sleeping for a bit declared that he's still so tired he's going to throw up. I called him the weakest link, Truman took note of this and refused to eat dinner for jparks, instead demanding Pirate's Booty for his meal, which the weakest link allowed. Score one for Truman!

Besides the name calling and Pirate's Booty eating we've done many things including celebrating Truman's second birthday with a swim party and a crapton of cupcakes.
I am in shock that my baby is now two and even more in shock that he's not the baby anymore. Waah, my little boy! Related: Stupid post partum hormones. When the hell do they even back out?

I've shared this just about everywhere already but I'm absolutely in love so I'm going to share them here too. When Pippa was a week old we had a newborn/family photo session and I can't even believe how amazing the pictures came out considering I did no prep for them. The morning we were set to have them taken I realized I had no outfits picked out for anyone and five minutes before the photographer was set to arrive I was wearing no makeup. And somehow all of that mess led to this. She must have some freaking amazing photoshop actions to make me look that rested.

And now it's my bedtime but remind me to tell you about the hangnail that almost put me in the hospital. Yeah, because that's not embarrassing at all.


  1. Happy birthday, Tru!

    The pictures are gorgeous. I love that they aren't over styled or fake. It's just you guys, hanging out, lookin' pretty.

  2. Happy birthday Tru! Stop growing up and being such a big boy!

    Those photos are GREAT! You all look amazing!

  3. Oh, gorgeous. My ovaries are screaming right now. Just lovely.