Monday, August 29, 2011

here's what 8 minutes gets you

I've given myself eight minutes to crank out something that possibly resembles a blog post, but honestly with that limited time it'll probably look like words spewed out by a drunk hen pecking at seeds scattered on the keyboard. Wheee! Let's go!

Last night Pippa didn't sleep which means my day looked like this:
3 coffees
That would be three kinds of coffee products in my car. Not pictured is the iced coffee I made at home and sucked down before I even walked out the door. The first person to suggest that my caffeine intake is possibly why she didn't sleep gets to come over and bounce her at 3am. Thank god for small miracles, but it seems my body filters the caffeine out of my breastmilk. Or maybe it's just greedy and wants to keep it all for itself. Either way, I fully abuse this and drink more coffee than any one person ever should.

I feel like I've won the lottery thanks to this letter that arrived this weekend!
Free Pre-paid cremation! I love bargains so how can I pass this by? Now to hit up Target's home decorating aisle to find a vase that can double as a urn.

I'm on Weight Watchers because while I'm mostly back to Pre-Pippa weight, I'm not to Pre-Truman weight and holy mother my body is just different and I would like to wear some of the stuff in my closet again. I'd been really good about following the program for a week and a half or so and then BAM, I went off the rails. I needed brownies so I decided to make salted caramel brownies last night thinking I could eat one and be happy but they ended up being a big pan of disappointment.
To make up for this I bought a brownie at Central Market today. I'm pretty sure I put too many expectations onto that brownie. It couldn't carry the weight of the world and totally let me down.

Finally jparks saved the day and walked to a local restarant and bought me a piece of flourless chocolate cake. It was delicious. And now it's time to get back on the diet wagon. The next time I feel tempted to eat a bunch of crap, I'll just remind myself what jparks said about me "Baby, you have birthing hips."
Yes Pippa your look is correct, your father is an idiot.


  1. Nothing is worse then when you want to splurge on something and then it is SO not even worth it!

    Pippa is so cute!!!

  2. she looks so much like you

  3. Dude, Central Market has many yummy things, but brownies are not one of them. Same for Whole Foods, their brownies suck ass. Also, Miss Pippa is cute, cute, cute.

  4. You didn't tell us the story about your hangnail that almost put you in the hospital!