Friday, September 23, 2011

status: incomplete

We closed on our new house on March 18th, which was the same day we hired the interior designer to help us pick furniture and paint colors. That means we've been here six months and five days which might lead you to believe we are all settled into the house, happy with all our new furniture. Hell, I assumed we would be settled after two months. I mean, how long can it possibly take to get a house furnished? I thought at the very latest we would be wrapping everything up a few weeks before Pippa was born.

God, I was stupid.

This whole process has been one thing going wrong after another, leading to everything taking longer than anyone planned. The most recent errors include the window coverings installer realizing that only two of the four panels ordered arrived with my curtains. But damn those two look good.

Also, these windows are supposed to have roman shades on them but when he unpacked the boxes he couldn't find the hardware needed to hang them. Turns out the hardware was never ordered. Oh naked windows, some day you'll be dressed. Maybe in ten years.
Same to you, other set of naked windows, maybe you'll be dressed before that house behind us sells.

A few of the rooms are almost done, one of them being our bedroom. The only thing missing is our dresser, which has arrived damaged twice. Twice! I can't wait to get this corner done and the dvr off the damn floor.

Today the plumber came to install a couple of faucets and because nothing can go right, he installed one of the new faucets over the wrong sink in the kitchen. By the time I came home he was mostly done with the install and dripping with sweat. I almost didn't say anything because I felt so bad about it. Sorry plumber guy, you're not as close to being done as you thought.

Honestly I don't know why I'm so anxious to get the house done because once everything is in place this is just going to happen to it.
Somewhere under the clothes is a beautiful chair from Design Within Reach. I was able to sit in it for about 10 minutes before all the clothes migrated to it. We fail at living like adults.


  1. GOD this makes me feel better. We moved at the end of July and can't seem to a) install our much-needed lighting, and b) hand things on the walls. We suck at moving and making it feel like home.

  2. Er, HANG things on the walls. Which you no doubt figured out all on your own, but I am obsessive about typos, if not about unpacking and moving in. ANYWAY.

  3. ONE of your kitchen sinks? oh, let me play my tiny violin for you. :P

    can't wait to see what it looks like all done!

  4. I love your floors... is that a weird thing to take from this post? What are they? We got talked into to doing some kind of eco-friendly, recycled something or other laminates and I so regret not getting real wood. Damn the rainforest - I want wood! Or cork - I've seen some gorgeous cork floors. Anyway, nice floors. One day I'll make it out to Austin and see them in person. :)

  5. rebecca- If a professional can't get my house done in a timely manner, then you are fine! If left to do it myself we would be ten years down the road with nothing but a couch and a bed. And the kids would both still be in cribs.

    pam- Technically one sink is a bar sink built into the island. But I'm not that fancy so I count it as a regular sink.

    laura- We love love love our floors. And I love that they are all hardwood all the way through the house bedrooms included. Some friends of ours in CA have cork floors and they are so nice! And they feel good to walk on.

  6. I still have a box of all the photos, art I need to hang in my house. I've been there for 2 1/2 years.