Friday, October 14, 2011


There's this meme going around right now where people talk so you can judge their accents. At first I was all "oh hell no" but then I watched a couple and was shocked by how wrong these people are. People that I know and love, but wrong! I decided it was my job to correct them.  

Things I've learned watching this: I do this thing with my bottom lip that is weird. I tend to look up a lot. I don't have the patience to record this more than once. 

Welcome to my underwater fish den:

Tech types: I can't upload this to youtube because the site doesn't support this type of file. Anyone want to convert it for me?


  1. You sound like you're from up north, haha. Thick Southern accent?? Really? Those people clearly have not ever heard an actual Southern accent. There's a girl here who has one so thick, I don't think there's actually room for her tongue in her mouth.

    Also, I have never heard of an official name for sunshine when it's raining. WTF.

    And finally: KITTY!!!

  2. I have never thought you sounded like you were from the South. I do think your "a" sounds are unusual to my ears but almost the opposite of a drawl (which is what I would expect from a Southern accent).

    Also, this is the first I'm seeing of the new design and I really like it!

  3. You're accent sounds very central Texas to me. Always has. Anyone who thinks you have a "thick Southern accent" is wrong, same goes for anyone thinking you have an accent from north of the M-D line. Agreed, "pee-can" is not something you put in your mouth and does not make for good pie. Pecans, however make the most delicious pies in the world!

  4. I don't hear much of a southern accent at all and I'm from northern OH. But the devil is beating his wife - that's a new one for me.

  5. And apparently I can't spell "your" after a long week at work. This was pointed out by the guy who doesn't know the difference between "then" and "than".

  6. I do think you sound like you are from New Orleans. My brother sounds the same way and people always ask him if he's from New York too. A New Orleans accent does NOT equal "southern accent". Nola is very unique I think. But I bet the minute people hear "y'all" they label it as southern. How do you say praline? And crawfish?

  7. Pra-lean not pray-lean. People here say pray-lean and it kills me. It sounds so fake and wrong to my ears.

    And crawfish not crayfish. Again, crayfish sounds fake.

  8. I am clearly focusing on all the wrong things, but it makes me laugh there was a cat in your underwater fish den.

    Also, looking forward to meeting you in a few days!