Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Things I've learned thanks to running

  • If a running trail can easily fit six runners acrossUntitleddrawing it will only accomodate one mom with a jogging stroller, talking on her cell phone while walking her dog Untitleddrawing (2)
  • People that wear those five finger shoes are smug. The looks they give us regular shoe wearing people totally say "Ugh, you are so unevolved with your toes all smooshed together in one compartment." IMG_0091
  • Austin is hilly. What the hell? How have I never noticed these monster hills before? 
  • Running up hills is hard.
  • Running down hills is hard too. I nearly faceplanted down one the other day because I had more forward momentum than my legs could keep up with.
  • Running on the treadmill is the work of Satan. Why can I run 3 miles outside but barely a half mile on the treadmill? Also, why does that half a mile take me 25 minutes on the treadmill when I can do 3 miles in 32 minutes outside? I suck at math but those numbers don't add up. 
  • After running (outside or on the treadmill) I get red faced. I'm not taking a little flushed either. I'm full out cranberry red, looking like any second I'm going to pass out. Angry red face is gonna get'ya! IMG_0055 copy 1
  • When faced with a race starting line, I have no idea how to position myself. Too close to the front and I'm in the way of the serious runners. Too far back and people are in my way and I have to bob and weave. Where is the sweet spot? Does the sweet spot even exist? IMG_0090 copy 1
  • No matter how much I whine about it, I really like running. 

Friday, November 4, 2011

the clouds are parting

Well hello. 

I'm here, alive and mostly well. My hair is falling out in large post partum clumps and I'm still eating like a crazed fool who has never encountered a cookie before and therefore must eat all of them before they disappear. I'm still having trouble getting up in the morning to workout thanks to Pippa's new trick of 4:30am wakes up that require me and my boobs. But the crazy feels like it's becoming less of an issue and is now just a small cloud of gloom trailing behind me instead of a storm that's flooding me. 

I'm finding that things like this really help:



Truman would really like it if everyday he could go knock on the neighbors' doors and get candy. 

Little pumpkin

Pippa would like to wear a fleecy pumpkin outfit everyday because that shit is warm.