Wednesday, February 8, 2012

second post, same as the first

When we last discussed the shrinking of my giant ass (and hips and thighs and middle area) I told you about my juice cleanse. I got quite a few emails asking if the juice cleanse made it impossible to leave the bathroom and I am here to tell you that is not the case. It's not a colon cleanse; you aren't told to chug salt water. In fact, the founders of the cleanse urge you to get a colonic because some people tend to get a bit backed up during the process. But, yeah, there wasn't a chance in hell I was going for a colonic.

After my three days of juice I moved into a meal plan from Snap Kitchen. The plan was 1200 calories for 21 days and I was hoping to teach myself some good eating habits and to learn be content on that amount of food. I'm not going to say it was hard because how hard is it to not cook anything, not research nutritional info, not grocery shop, just drive to a store and collect your bag of meals? Not very hard at all. But like any regimented plan, it was hard to resist temptation and not pick at Truman's leftovers or steal a cookie while packing his lunch.

My 21 days have passed and, much like the juice cleanse, I'm surprised by how once I got into the swing of it, the whole thing really flew by. This brings my total weight lost since January 9th to 13.6 pounds. From here I'm moving into a combination Weight Watchers, low calorie, Eating Well diet. I'm working out a lot, like 5 to 6 days a week and I'm literally tracking every step I take with a Fitbit. I've joined an online Blogging Biggest Loser group which really helps keep me motivated. There is nothing like having to email pictures of your scale to someone to make you want to get that number down as fast as possible. I've also developed an addiction to food blogs that focus on low point or healthy recipes. If you have a favorite I would love to hear it so I can bulk up my reader a bit more.

So there you have it, The Most Boring Blog Post Ever®, but what can I say, I'm pretty damn proud of myself. I do expect the weight loss to slow down since I'm on my own now for meal planning. I also figured the first 10 to 15 pounds would come off easily because they were very recently put on. My next immediate goal is to not gain any weight when we go on vacation this weekend. Here's hoping you can eat healthy in Disney World.


  1. Congrats! I didn't realize you're already down 13 pounds! No wonder you're in the lead!

  2. I usually make some batch of kale salad and a kale soup on Sunday to last me through the week. But I could use ideas for healthy snacks and meals..especially when all I want are doritos and snickers to get me through the late afternoon. Or the gigantic peppermint mocha I consume to get me through class in the evenings...

  3. Wow, good job!!

    Also, you can probably eat kinda healthy at WDW but, like most things, it'll cost you an arm and a leg because you'll have to go to an actual restaurant. Most of the nicest, highest-rated restaurants in Orlando are near WDW. Coincidence?

    ANYWAY. It is super inspiring to see that these things are not impossible. I keep looking at the BP cleanse and fully plan on doing it at some point this year. (Buying a new dryer, then putting together money to pay off the IRS, sigh.) I also am probably going to give WW another shot, as I did pretty well on it but fell off the wagon last year, around the time when my stepmom's condition worsened and I was going to see my dad fairly regularly.

    So I don't think any of this is boring!

  4. This is so awesome! You are inspiring me. I was doing great after my poor man's blueprint week and then got so sick I was eating cup o' noodles becuase they were warm and salty and comforting and now I need to do it again. Mike's out of town this week and I'm not doing well in general so my food is also bad. boo. But 13.5 lbs is HUGE! Well done, friend!

  5. nice job! i have to say, your juice cleanse inspired me a bit. i'm not doing that, but am doing the Dukan Diet. down 8 lbs since last Monday, hopefully that'll keep on.

  6. So I love: heather eats almond butter, love: raw for $10 a day, love: peas and thank you.
    So I'm on day 2 of the juice cleanse, and it's okay. Dinner time sucks 'cause I still have to cook real food for everyone else. grrr... Oh well, 3 more days to go.

  7. i embarked on my own post-baby (like 18mos post-baby) weight loss journey recently as well. i have been really loving my family has liked everything i have made from that site, most meals i would make again, and many family friendly meals are to be found. good luck - you are doing great! have to admit that your cleanse post got me curious - would love to try that sometime.

  8. Not boring! The opposite of boring! You're such a rockstar.