Monday, March 12, 2012

bouncing forward

Jparks and I are party people. Not "swinging, key party" people, but "let's invite a bunch of people over and have their kids entertain our kids" party people. This combined with how much DST can screw with Truman's bedtime gave me the genius idea to throw a party, complete with bounce house, on the day the clocks sprung forward. 

It didn't look promising in the days leading up to the party because all the rain this city has missed for the past year rolled in in giant black waves of lightning and thunder. The bounce house place threatened to cancel and I made a mad dash to Target to buy coloring books and playdoh for the kids. But at the last minute, seriously like an couple of hours before people were set to arrive, the sky turned blue, the temperature quickly rose from 45 to 85, and the bounce house was delivered. We ended up with a packed house and the plan to exhaust the kids so they would pass out at their normal bedtime totally worked. I'm pretty sure we'll be throwing a DST party every year and that it's such a smart idea MENSA will be here begging me to join any minute now. 

I was pretty busy during the party with talking and eating all the things setting out food so I managed to not take a single picture but please enjoy these post party pictures.

It wasn't a birthday party, but that doesn't mean cake wasn't present.

People made a big dent in the drinks but we still have enough leftover for another party. Who's free this weekend? Party planning tip: I thought those little cans of soda would be good because I hate 2 liters and no one wants a whole can of coke, they just want a few sips between beers. Turns out those little cans get lost in an ice chest and were not consumed. At least I assume that's the case, but my friends could all just be lushes that stuck to beer and liquor.

Speaking of drinks, we put a hurting on the vodka (this is the second bottle) thanks to this fancy machine

Check me out getting all crafty and shit, I used jelly beans in my candle holders as a festive spring touch.

I got flowers as a hostess gift! I love flowers! 

Our whole house is covered in grass bits and my vacuum is a piece of crap. I want a stick one but not that damn $300 Dyson one. Who has a rec for me?

The bounce house was deflated after everyone left but the company didn't pick it up until late Monday afternoon. Truman managed to have the best first day of Spring Break ever by having a private bounce party this morning. Next year we'll be hosting a very exclusive next day, post party bounce. Bloody Marys and mimosas for parents, more bouncing for the kids. Awesome. 
party over


  1. This looks like SO MUCH FUN! Oh, man. Now *I* want to throw a DST party.

  2. BRILLIANT idea! And I love my Electrolux ErgoRapido and it comes in fun colors, too.

  3. It was fantastic. Such a genius idea and I'm definitely in for next year.

  4. It was AMAZING. Thank you so much... and the Strawbita didn't disappoint. (PS- my kids were asleep SO FAST.)

  5. I want to visit Austin next March just for this party.

    Also, if Nathan ever makes me move to someplace hot, he's getting me that drink machine as a consolation prize.

  6. I am SO SAD the weather was crap between us and I couldn't make the drive. I would've loved to have been there.

  7. I think I need to move to Texas.

  8. I'm so coming next year! For the fancy drink machine, but really for the bounce house. OUT OF MY WAY KIDS!!

  9. You make Texas so much cooler!! Wish we were locals so we could have invited ourselves to this one!

  10. Almost makes me want to go to Texas.

    BTW, love the Dyson.