Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I'm going to form a Bitch Face Foundation

I went to Miami over the weekend:

and came home with a series of pictures highlighting a very serious condition I suffer from called Bitch Face.

Bitch Face heading to the white party:

Bitch face wearing new aviator glasses that I'm obsessed with: Untitled

And wearing my new favorite dress on Friday night. Perhaps this Bitch Face is because I'm mad that my legs are so white they look like opaque stockings?

Wait, you need a bitch face close up? I can do that!
bitch face

Bitch face goes to the Versace Mansion:

And finally Bitch Face catches an early morning flight home:

Perhaps the only time I wasn't sporting Bitch Face was when I ordered drinks poolside or when I won a trip to Jamaica. Although I have no pictures to confirm or deny this hypothesis:

 drinks poolside

Seriously, how do I have any friends when I suffer from such a severe case of bitch face?


  1. haha! If you figure out how to take a self portrait without making bitch face let me know.

  2. I love all those dresses! I want them!

    Also, I do the same thing because I feel like an asshole if I try and smile. Bitch face is better than "fake smile".

  3. Hahahahahaha, I'm dying over here. Why is it so hard to take a decent self portrait? I always end up looking like I have Broomhilda's nose, 14 chins, and circles under my eyes that you could camp in. But, Bitch Face or no, you look super cute. (And I think at worst it's more like Bored Supermodel Face than Bitch Face anyway.)

  4. You won a trip to Jamaica?!?!?! Holy crap that's so cool! There is no way you were making Bitch Face when that happened. No way. :)

  5. I spent time with Regan over the weekend and can confirm she did NOT have bitch face all the time. These photos are a poor representation of the lovely gal I met. They ARE really funny though!

  6. Bitch Face is better than Pouty Lip Face! But I saw you during the incredible weekend and saw no "Bitch Face" just an "I'm going to Jamaica, Bitch!" face. ;)

  7. Haaa! I never know what face to make when I'm taking a picture of myself. This face is better than my is it or isn't it smile that I always end up with.

  8. I see more of a disgruntled adolescent boy look. Which kind of looks weird paired with blog documented mirror self portraits and real housewifes of the OC outfits.

  9. Loving the dresses!!! Honestly, I'd be a bit more creeped out if you were smiling in a room by yourself taking your own picture in the mirror. This seems like the appropriate face.

    Also, I'm proud - so proud - to say that I'm friends with a RHOC in real life! I've arrived by a few degrees of separation!

  10. Well, I think you and your bitch face are awesome. So there! Also, did you really win a trip to Jamaica b/c Holy Hell that'd be awesome!

  11. Every time I try to take a picture of myself I just look confused.