Friday, December 21, 2012

the big fat truth

Confession time: I've pretty much let myself go. That's putting it nicely; the truth is I've been eating crap lately and in excessive quantities with no stop button. If it's consumable, I consume it. I've put on weight, some of my skinny jeans are far from fitting, and well, I don't want to be seen naked. Read that as you will.

I have no excuse for this other than lately I've had this food void that I can't fill. It's not a craving exactly as I don't want any one specific food, I just want food. I thought maybe I wanted something carb heavy but when I indulge in that, it's not satisfying. I thought I wanted a hunk of beef, and while our steaks were delicious, they also weren't satisfying. Cookies? Meh. Egg Salad? Good not great. Spinach and Artichoke dip? Super tasty but after it I still wanted something else.

I read somewhere that if you think you're hungry ask yourself if steamed fish and broccoli sound good. If they do then go ahead and eat, if not then move on because you're not really hungry. I love this idea but my problem is that steamed fish does sound good. But I know I would eat it and still want something else, something different after it. I mean, what's up with this?

Did I mention that I'm also not ever really hungry? Like I just eat because I know I need to eat and once I start I can't stop. "Hey look, a tin of butter cookies! I should eat one because they're festive and shit. Hell, I ate one I might as well keep going." Y'all, it's so weird that despite having an IUD and jparks having had a vasectomy, I still took a pregnancy test because what else could cause this food hole? It came back negative probably because of the lack of wanting to be seen naked.

Starting in early January I'm going to try a round of Whole 30 with some other internet people and see if that helps reset this weirdness I have happening. If it doesn't, I don't really know what I'll do. Wire my jaw shut? Is that still an option? Do you see a dentist for it or is it a cosmetic procedure now?


  1. This. All of this. WHAT THE FUCK?

    I am with you on the Whole 30 in Jan. I need something like that to get my head back in the game.

  2. I think I need to join in on this. My doctor just chastised me for the weight I put back on after losing 22lbs last year. Sigh.

  3. After three pregnancies in five years I am absolutely TERRIFIED to find out what I'm left with. February is going to be...interesting for me.

  4. I know this all too well. I'm really looking forward to our re-set in January. I absolutely need it, and I know it will be easier (easy HAAA) with everyone doing it together (seriously though). I'll also say that my assvice is water - lots and lots of water - and making sure you're up on your vitamins. Because it might be that your body IS looking for something, but it doesn't present like thirst or slight nutritional deficiencies. When this happens to me, it's such a shitty cycle because I got there by eating crap but all I want to use to get out of the hole is more crap. Weird that it doesn't work. Like I said...I'm ready for the Whole 30. -Caitlin

  5. I'm scared to run 3M without carbs, but I do need to do...something.

  6. I'd never heard of the Whole 30 before reading your entry (and then googling it), but I totally want to do it. I just ate a bunch of tortilla chips dipped in ranch dressing for absolutely no reason....and they weren't even good :(

  7. Is the steamed fish and broccoli covered in butter? Because I can get behind that.

  8. Hey Regan, sorry to hear your trouble with food. I have never heard about Whole 30 before, but just from glancing at it this looks pretty much like a paleo diet.

    Nikki and I switched to a paleo diet almost a year ago, and I whole-heartedly recommend it. This was recommended to us by what I call our "boutique doctor" (Dr. Mielke in Pleasanton) who we started seeing to get better nutrition and other tests than you can get from regular doctors. Regardless of the tests, turns out it is pretty much a guarantee that if you see her she is going to recommend you do a paleo diet. :}

    The primary book we used for basic information is The Paleo Diet:

    We've also found some paleo cook books that we'd recommend with some very good recipes; our favorite is Practical Paleo:

    Anyway, at this point I really believe a paleo diet is the way to go. We generally try to get good high quality meat (very conveniently we have a great local market now that has lots of pasture raised local beef, pork, and lamb), and basically have eliminated grains, legumes, and dairy from our diet. When we started I thought this would be hard to do, but it is really amazing that if you are eating good quality meat and vegetables how satisfying it is to the point where cravings for those other foods are diminished or gone.

    One recommendation our doctor gave was to make sure to eat as much meat and vegetables as you want until you really feel full. It is very different from eating them with stuff like bread -- you will find that you eat until you are full, won't be over-full, and it will satisfy you for a while instead of being gone quickly like breads.

    So, after switching to this diet, I have been losing weight consistently, never worrying about how much I am eating or feeling like I am depriving myself to diet. We also got a lot of good information from our doctor on our nutrients and corresponding supplements to take to address specific deficiencies and she did a very good allergy test for Nikki because of all of the IBS and related problems she has been having -- literally within 4 days of switching to the diet and taking the supplements, a lot of the terrible IBS and stress/pain issues Nikki had been dealing with were going away or completely gone. These are things she had been struggling with for years, going to regular doctors, and never getting better and actually slowly getting worse over time.

    We also have a friend who has had terrible trouble sleeping for over 10 years, gone to lots of doctors about it, but couldn't get any help with it from them besides prescriptions for sleeping pills; she didn't want to start relying on medication so just suffered with it for those years. After switching to a paleo diet, that problem has gone away and she has been sleeping well. It's pretty amazing.