Thursday, January 24, 2013

before it was blending, now I'm noodling

So hey, Whole30!  How's that going you might wonder. (Or not. Probably not. I'm going to keep droning on anyway) Honestly, yesterday I stood in my kitchen having completed a 30 minute core class and a particularly difficult CrossFit workout and thought "Fuck it. I'm having some cereal." Of course I didn't have cereal, I had some boiled eggs that were extremely unsatisfying because surprise, they weren't cereal.

My meal plan, which all of two people have asked about, is non-existant. I generally make a giant frittata on Sunday night and have it for breakfast every day. For lunch I have some form of meat (or fried egg) over roasted veggies and dinner is the same thing. So exciting, right? And it was exciting for, I don't know, a day. Jump ahead to yesterday, Day 21, and you can probably understand why I wanted that bowl of cereal. Or any damn thing that wasn't a pile of meat with veggies under it. 

Thank god in December I had signed up for a Paleo Basics Cooking Class because, not to be overly dramatic, the only way I'm going to complete this Whole30 is to cook the things I learned about last night. Food that isn't just a pile of stuff. Food with flavors and textures and, y'all I am so excited right now. 

I've had a fear of spaghetti squash forever because it's hard and requires a giant knife to cut open. I don't have a desire to cut a finger tip off like some people so I avoided it, even though everyone promised the noodles were so worth it. Plus I figured it couldn't possibly be as easy as cut open, roast, scoop out noodles. Not gonna lie, I am an idiot. It is that easy! And delicious! I owe Melissa a giant thank you for making me cut one open in class. 

Besides learning my way around a spaghetti squash, we riced cauliflower, made some zucchini noodles that kicked the ass of the zucchini noodles I make, and made Rogan Josh that I'm planning on making tonight for dinner. I know it sounds cheesy corny sappy but thanks to this class I'm no longer scared of some Paleo recipes that I've had my eye on but haven't tackled. 

8 more days. Let's finish this shit. 


  1. Cool! I've been embarking on a very Paleo-like diet because it's been proven to be good for kids with issues like my weird twin's. I've done spaghetti squash, but am yet to tackle ricing cauliflower or making zuchini noodles. Honestly, I'm glad that Paleo is popular right now because it makes the diet I'm doing with the kids soooo much easier.

  2. I'm still afraid of spaghetti squash. Maybe you should video tape it for me.

  3. You will so need to spend some time here with us when you come to visit again. We have been Paleo living for almost a year now. Paleo cooking has become my passion. I hope your Whole 30 has made you feel wonderful. I know the Paleo lifestyle has done wonders for me. Check out the to find some really good recipes. I have not found one person who does not LOVE the Jambo Soup! You can make your cauliflower rice to go with it! If you are really in need of "cereal", call me and I'll tell you how to make "Paleo cereal"! And if you are in need of Chocolate, I can teach you how to make a Paleo Chocolate Lava Cake out of a mashed banana (takes 2 mins. in the microwave). ;) On the other hand, Crossfit is KICKING MY BUTT! LOL!

  4. Sherri, PLEASE share the Paleo Chocolate Lava Cake recipe! Regan, will you talk more about mastering the zucchini noodles?

  5. Sure. I just posted the Chocolate Lava Cakes on the blog. It has pictures to make it fail proof!
    The Jambo soup is like a mix of gumbo and red jambalaya! Super easy and very flexible to adapt to your needs! We have more recipes coming but I've been so busy I haven't had time to type it all in and take picture. The eating out Paleo post is also growing as we eat out! Enjoy and feel free to comment and share your tips too!

  6. I like your idea of making a big frittata and eating it all week. Breakfast is the worst because (I swear to god) I FORGET and just eat cereal or pancakes or whatever I'm making the rest of the family.

  7. All I've heard this month on every social media site I frequent is Whole 30. It sounds daunting, and usually there's a lot of cursing when people bring it up. Apart from the cursing, it's popped up jut enough to intrigue me, and I'm just enough of a masochist to maybe give it a go.