Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Last Sunday I ran the Livestrong Austin Half Marathon and if you follow me on any social media site, then you know I PR'ed, smashing the crap out of my previous half time by 12 minutes and 21 seconds. That's a huge jump especially considering I set my last PR in January at the 3M race. Yay for that!

Before I left for the expo to pick up my race bib I was thinking about how I ran a half in January and I was now running one in February and hey, what a fun way to kick off the year. Then I saw the race shirt and I had an idea.


2013 would be the year of the half marathon! 2013.1! I would run a half every month this year! I didn't give myself time to think about how many miles I would be running this year just in races (157.2) or how much travel would be involved in this plan, I hit the ground running (see what I did there?) and started researching races. I asked my friends if they knew of any half marathons near them so I could start plotting various months and the responses flooded in. Grand Rapids! Kiawah! New York! Chicago! Baton Rouge! So many options. Then I started to look up race registration fees and airfare and realized if I didn't want to go broke I needed a better plan. That's when I remembered that Rock 'N' Roll races offer a Tour Pass.

The Rock 'N' Roll races weren't my first choice but I couldn't beat $399 for as many races as I could fit into my calendar so here we are. I've never run one of their races and it feels like I'm taking a big chance, but I'm sure it'll be fine. Here's what my year looks like so far:

  • January 13th 3M Half Austin, TX
  • February 17th Livestrong Half Austin, TX
  • March 23rd Zooma Half Bastrop, TX
  • April 14th More Magazine/Fitness Magazine NYRR Half NYC
  • May 19th Rock 'N' Roll Portland, OR
  • June 22nd Rock 'N' Roll Seattle, WA
  • July 21st Rock 'N' Roll Chicago, IL
  • August 4th Rock 'N' Roll Pittsburgh, PA
  • September 15th Rock 'N' Roll Philadelphia, PA
  • October 6th, Rock 'N' Roll San Jose, CA 
  • November 17th, Rock 'N' Roll San Antonio, TX
December hasn't been decided yet. A lot of races haven't opened registration this early and Rock 'N' Roll doesn't seem to have anything that month. I've been presented with plenty of options, so once I'm registered for something I'll let you know where I'm headed. 

I'm super excited about this project and assuming I finish all of those Rock 'N' Roll races, I'll be presented a special finisher medal. I'll also get an additional medal for completing the Pacific Peaks portion of the year.

I'm also really looking forward to seeing friends all over the country and getting one night of sleep each month where I won't have to get up at 6am with the kids. 

Am I coming to your part of the country? Do you have a spare bed you wouldn't mind letting me sleep in? Would you like to come out and see me along a race course? Want to get a pre-race drink with me? I'm game, let's do it!


  1. Do you need somewhere to stay for the Seattle run? Let me know.

  2. Heck yeah! Go Regan. I MIGHT re-run San Antonio to erase my bad run mojo from last year. Rock n Roll are really well run; you'll enjoy them.

  3. You're more than welcome to stay here in July! This is such a cool project!

  4. That's awesome Regan! white rock in dallas is in december I believe....

  5. Crazy, yes. You should do the woman's half in Baton Rouge in December. It's really nice.

  6. October run: San Jose - stay with meeeeee! Fun!

  7. I LOVE that shirt. And I love this plan. I am bummed I'll be too pregnant/in labor for the races that'll be near me!

  8. Awesome! You are amazing! I can't wait to make signs for you in Chicago! And roll out the cat-hair carpet for you!

  9. Ahh, so that's what you're up to! You're amazing. Can't wait to see you in Seattle!! Sorry our trailer-like house doesn't have a guest room. Besides, you don't want to be surrounded by screaming children on your weekend away, right? :)

  10. You're going to be tight like a tiger after running all those races. Holy smokes.

  11. I will volunteer for post-race drinks when you limp back into town.

  12. We're super excited to see you in May. I've told Gelsey she'll have a roommate for a couple days and she can't wait.

  13. I *think* there is a R&R half in Vegas in December. It's at night (evening) on the strip. I have looked at it in the past, but never done it though I really want to.

    This is an AWESOME, admirable goal for 2013. Good luck!