Friday, March 15, 2013


As much as I like to pretend I lead a glamourous life, the truth is that since re-committing myself to working out I live in workout clothes, tee shirts, and pony tails. I often don't bother with makeup because I'm just going to sweat it off while running. 

Here's me on basically every day of my life. I love a giant purse and have carried this love over to under eye bags. The bigger the better, yes?

I like to think I clean up well though so last year when we took family pictures I started thinking about how jparks and I aren't getting any younger and how we have only a handful of pictures of just us. We eloped and there's only a few pictures from that event and definitely no engagement session. Our kids are runners so if we ever dared to try to a take picture of just us out somewhere we would totally lose them both. The only thing to do was book a session with Michele for just jparks and I, ditch the kids, and get gussied up. 

Goal: achieved!




This one, which I love, makes me feel like I should be eating a salad in it. (I know the meme is eating salad alone but whatever)

This session was hard for jparks. He didn't realize the pictures would be posed and he was utterly embarrassed by everything we did. We were far from alone on the streets and people kept walking passed us saying "engagement session!" It really took a lot of of him to not be a smart ass the whole time. In this picture he was told to touch me and he would like you to know that this is technically touching. 





Purple hair!









Michele asked jparks if he could jump and jump he did. This was his warm up one:

And here's his best Jackie Chan impression:

Y'all. I'm so glad we did this session. I love all the pictures and can't accurately describe how awesome Michele is. I'm always amazed when we get our pictures from her and eager to book another session. She's the best ever. Seriously.



  1. Gorgeous! And I see ZERO bags in that first picture.

  2. I love these pictures. You and jparks are a SUPER cute couple. Plus your outfit (including the best shoes ever and the bright lipstick) is to die for. Love it!

  3. These pictures are AMAZING. I love them.

  4. This inspires me- John and I have very few pictures together and never did engagement shots- I really want to do this now!

  5. Love these! I feel like a photo session a few years in to a marriage is even better than an engagement shoot! So awesome.

    We've never taken professional pics. Not for our wedding, for our kids, nothing. We have GOT to change that at some point.

  6. These are just incredible. I love them all! How do you pick one to frame?

  7. You guys are so pretty!

    I've actually been thinking about pictures a lot lately too. I really need to find a great photographer (I wish yours was closer! I love these pictures!) and get on this!

  8. Oh these were lovely! And the "touch her" photo...OMG! I get it. Garrett and I took some photos a couple years ago and while they turned out great in the end, the entire time he was just mortified. Photographers, man. They are VERY skilled to wrangle clients into not looking completely awkward in every photo, right?

    These are amazing!

  9. These pictures are gorgeous! I love your purple hair, and I am really enjoying jparks' awesome air kick.

  10. I love them all but the look on your face in the first jumping pictures is priceless. These are AMAZING!
    JParks is how I am in couple pictures. They say "ok now look at each other and kiss" and I just laugh hysterically at the idea that I would do such a thing IN PUBLIC FOR SOMEONE TO TAKE A PICTURE OF, so I am even more impressed that you guys did this.

  11. This is the second comment of mine that has disappeared into the ether today. Let's try again!

    Gorgeous photos! I want to schedule a session RIGHT THIS MINUTE. We paid a fortune for our wedding photographer and we don't have a single framed photo. We don't have a single PRINT, other than the photos in our album.

  12. I love these so much. You've made me want to get my own couple pictures done.

  13. These are gorgeous! What a good sport he is for going along with it, I think I'd have an uphill battle ahead of me to talk my husband into it, we didn't even do engagement shots! Also, those shoes. Just. Love.

  14. Gorgeous. Woman eating salad. Ha ha.

  15. You guys look awesome! Great idea taking these pictures. :)

  16. We need to do this. Our wedding was tiny and not professionally photographed, so we just have a few random shots from family. Also I'm now curious as to how high Dan can jump.

  17. So, so beautiful!! I'm hard-pressed to point to a favorite wedding photo too - we need updated records of our lives (that include the pups maybe). Since you disclosed J was somewhat reluctant now I have hope - I thought maybe I just didn't get one of those husband that liked photos.

    Also, I need that lipstick pronto.

    Beautiful shots - beautiful subjects!

  18. OH REGAN! The one of the two of you in the red chair with his arms wrapped around you, I LOVE!