Monday, June 24, 2013

might as well have been running backwards

People who passed me at this half marathon:
  • pregnant woman wearing a sign that said "Running for two! Due in 5 days!"
  • double amputee with Oscar Pistorius legs. 
  • guy wearing a sign on his back that said "I'm 87 years old and kicking your butt"
Things that kicked my ass this race:
  • long tunnel with no airflow
  • sunshine! What the hell Seattle? You're supposed to be grey and overcast!
  • very steep hill and pothole that caused me to fall, take out another runner, and have to walk
race result RNR Seattle 6.13

Whatever, I still got two medals and there's always next month. Maybe I'll put something on my back that says "Clumsy, Follow at your own risk"

RNR Seattle 6.13

Finisher Shot RNR Seattle 6.13


  1. It was wonderful to see you! I'm so glad you came to our crab boil!! And sorry about all that sunshine. No one expects it in Seattle. :)

  2. I ran that race the first year it happened and that surprise effing tunnel almost killed me. YOU GO.

  3. Guy who always passes me in races: there is this guy in my area that does triathlons with his disabled son. He pulls him in a boat on the swim, has a special bike with his son up front and pushes him in a wheelchair on the run. I have never ever once finished a race faster than this guy and his son. I'm also routinely getting passed by the 80+ overachievers, but whatever it's all about finishing! -Mikal

  4. I'm just pleased that you used the British spelling of "grey."