Monday, October 28, 2013

10x13.1=hell yeah

October! Do you know what October means for me? Double digits! That's right I've made it through my tenth half marathon of the year. I actually hit this milestone early in the month, on the 4th, but I was waiting to post to see if I was going to manage a second half marathon this month. Sorry to disappoint y'all but I couldn't make it happen. I did, however, manage Run for the Water, which at 10 miles, isn't nothing. Also, it was rainy for Run for the Water and I don't run in the rain. (Yes really. Running in the rain is not for me.) So even though it was 3.1 miles shorter than a half, it felt just as miserable challenging.  

The start line for the Rock N Roll San Jose race was really nice. Very personalized. 

Ten! Two hands worth of fingers! I credit that bib number with my good race. So even!

Same story with my Run for the Water bib. 

I mean, have you ever seen me look this happy in a picture? I'm so confused by what my mouth is doing. Is that a real smile? 
Run for the Water

So here I am. 131 miles into the year. (141 with my bonus race.) My last two races will take me to San Antonio and Baton Rouge. I find it entirely too entertaining that I've been all over the country this year to really exciting cities for races (NYC! Philly! San Francisco! Portland! Seattle!) and I'm ending my year in two cities that have no appeal to me. Good planning Regan! Way to keep your excitement for these halves high. 

26.2 miles to go. Y'all, I have that! I'm going to make it out of this year alive!