Thursday, September 25, 2014

In pictures (and a few words): Seattle

I had planned on writing a nice post about Erica and my trip to Seattle but the day after we came home I ran myself over to urgent care and had this delightful little set up done to my hand.

I guess I'm a Longhorn fan now

I think we can all agree that when you break your finger as you're just about to head to the airport for a child-free weekend, you just push through and get that shit checked out when you get home.

Without use of my left hand I can't easily type on a keyboard. I mean, I can type but I'm not sure you would be able to decode what I'm saying with all the random letters strewn throughout the text. So I'm blogging from my phone which isn't super conducive to long, wordy posts about how we did a bunch of stupid shit like run/walk a half marathon on a broken foot and busted hip and eat enough ice cream to cause lactose intolerance.

So in place of words please enjoy a photo tour of Super Social Food League's first road trip. We are currently accepting applications for an adult chaperone for our next trip. 

Erica never quite figured out that if I ask to take a selfie on a plane, the caption will have to do with us dying.
Fully functional toy oven that nearly gassed us on a daily basis
Someone, not me, was unable to control herself at the first bakery we visited. 
Okay, fine, it was a lie. I over bought too. But can you blame us? Check out those cheesy, paprika encrusted layers
We partied HARD. 
Look at me moving that broken finger like it's no big deal. 

The really adventurous runners used a chip as a utensil for eating cake. 
We participated in a half marathon that featured Blerches, nutella sandwiches, and birthday cake. 
 I blame the runners high for what happened after the race. We decided that going to three ice cream/gelato places for dessert was a good idea. We are truly stupid.

The implied "in moderation" is understood by everyone but us.
 It's seems wrong to me now, but once upon a time I really loved ice cream.
Molly Moon's Ice Cream. Stop #1. Such joy here.
Bluebird ice cream. Stop #2. We are starting to have doubts. 
It's weird, but it's almost like Erica doesn't want to make a choice at stop #3.
This was not staged, the only thing we could do upon arriving home was to be one with the floor.


  1. The airbnb review of us just said "Quiet. Did leave a couple of imprints on the kitchen floor."

  2. Happy to chaperone your next trip.