Thursday, November 5, 2015


*knock knock knock*

Person peeks through peephole

"Have you seen proof of majesty in the world? No? Would you allow me to introduce you to capes? I think they'll make a big difference in your life!" 

But seriously guys. Capes. They are where it's at for the fall. I love them and want to buy every one I see, turning myself from slightly crazy lady to full blown nutjob who possibly thinks she's a superhero.

Trina Turk and apparently sold out every where, which I know because I tried to order it from four places and each one cancelled my order. THAT HURTS GUYS.

The knock off of the Trina cape dress but look at the hidden pink! You could do sweeping arm motions to flash it.  
I hate navy yet I would still knock down a small child to get to this cape. It also comes in "pale grey" which looks more like oatmeal to me but who cares, it's a cape!
Boden added fur to this one and good lord, that funnel neck would make me gag every time I wore it but I would somehow persist. (gag me because I can't wear turtlenecked things without dry heaving my way through the day)
Please can I have $865? Please?
Now you can cosplay as Little Red Riding Hood for less than $40.
In closing, can I have $865? Please?